Mar 17, 2016


Go over to for further updates! All new and shiny! :) Cheers, Sophia

Mar 4, 2016


I want these KAVAT boots! | I like this striped Icebreaker Merino combi! | Check out this ADPT Overall. | Herschel Supply  with hearts – just gorgeous! 


Young and urban, edged and contemporary – that the new ECCO Intrinsic 2! I already showed you a bit about the brand ECCO over here. So let me just say, if the new Intrinsic 2 is as comfy as the one I have – let's go on a city trip and dance through the night! :) ECCO already has the perfect event ready – 19.03.206 in Hamburg! So who wants to dance?  If you want, make sure to be there and see what this new ECCO Intrinsic 2 is about!  Go over to ECCO, discover now and be #partofmyworld!

Mar 2, 2016

WHAT I WEAR – Tone in Tone with Nature

Ahhh this tiny lake is just so nice! We "discovered" it two weeks ago, just next to the street, down a little hill. We had a nice sunset and took some photos of my outfit. Kinda tone in tone with nature here. The jacket I'm wearing is the Burton London one and it's reversible! Check the link down here, to see the other side. I like this one more, since it's just a nice classic style. But if it would start raining, you can make it inside out and have a more technical and water resistant jacket! Nice, right?

jacket: thx Burton | glasses: thx Komondo

Mar 1, 2016


I'm not the biggest juice drinker. So when it comes to day-time-drinks, it's always water or water in my case. But I like tea, a lot. So here is something new and different. Tea, but not hot. Cold... like you would drink juice. But it isn't. Tea, but very, very different. And on top it tastes good! Carpe Diem Kombucha tea drink comes in 3 different flavors – cranberry, quitte and the classic one. I like cranberry the most! :) 

Feb 29, 2016

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

Uhhhh we hit the road to Bregenzerwald and had some nice hours of fresh powder! Nothing more to add here, except I'm sick now. Gladly that happens only once every one or two years, so I shouldn't complain... but it's quiet boring. There's a difference between being lazy on the couch and being sick on the couch. Hmpf. I don't like. Anyway... I can catch up on all those TV series and scrolling through Instagram aaaaall daaaay loooong... yeah.

Feb 26, 2016


I like this Burton tank top! | Check out those Monki jeans! | This notebook via An Organized Life. | Awesome the Dr.Bronner's Magic Soap via Globetrotter | Just gorgeous these Minna Parikka bunny sneakers

Feb 25, 2016

#PACKEDTOGO with Patagonia

If I would go on a boulder weekend trip right know, I would pack light. In reality I probably wouldn't, but at least I should try. Because, let's be honest – we always pack to much and in the end you only wear this one pair of jeans and this one sweater. You only change socks, underwear (damn forgot those in the photo... haha) and t-shirts. So here is my #packedtogo list for a boulder weekend:

bag/backpack: Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag / or backpack if you want!
down jacket: Craghoppers / doesn't need much space and will warm you perfectly!
• sweater: Patagonia Snap-T / so cool and so fluffy...
• headlamp: Black Diamond / lifesaver, if you spent the trip in your van or tent!
• water bottle: Mizu / Blue Tomato / never forget!
• sneakers: Ecco / huge fan of this pair of comfy sneakers!
2 or 3 shirts: Nikita Clothing / just because I love Nikita! :)
• Flip-Flops: no name / rest for your feet between bouldering & if you need to pee in the middle of the night.
• knife: Opinel / always handy... and if it comes in pink, even more!
• comfy pants: Blutsgeschwister / for sleeping or relaxing at a campfire!
• phone case: Catalyst  / 
• socks & underwear (not in photo): Sionyx / a fresh pair feels always good...
• pants/jeans: Patagonia corduroy pants / on sale at the moment! 
• headband/beanie: self-made / by my best friend Natalie! Thaaanks!
• legging: Nikita Clothing / I always climb in leggings. Hate those shapeless climbing-pants!
• climbing shoes: Decathlon Simond / perfect solution for my feet! 

Feb 23, 2016

WHAT I WEAR – Pink in Luis Trenker

Those, who follow maybe you like on Instagram, have probably already seen my pink Luis Trenker jacket. I'm very much in love with this piece of pink awesomeness! 100% virgin wool with a traditional cut – alpine lifestyle! I wore it with an all black outfit, but added some pink socks to break the "darkness". :) I love that my down jacket fits under the Luis Trenker jacket, so I can wear it outside, without hiding it under a outdoor jacket. Yes! Hope you like this outfit as much as I do! 

jacket: Rosalia Luis Trenker | beanie: Mamda | down jacket: Peak Performance | jeans & socks & T-Shirt: H&M | shoes: Dr.Martens

Feb 22, 2016

my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

There are only one day and 30km between those photos below. From hello winter to hello spring in less than 24 hours! We had the beginning of a winter wonderland on Saturday during the morning, but snow became rain really quick. But we got some nice images with snowflakes everywhere – outfit will be online later this week! :) And on Sunday winter was over, but spring was here! :) After some really crazy (for me) boulder action, we found a tiny lake to take some more photos! I'll also show you these image later this week! :) Happy Monday everyone!